Opiate dependence, or more commonly, pain pill addiction, is an epidemic affecting people of all ages and cultures. Opiate dependence has traditionally been treated in residential treatment centers followed by a lifetime of twelve step or other recovery meetings. Even with intensive treatment, opiate dependence is a lifelong disease and relapse rates are high. Just enough addicts find sobriety through traditional treatment to allow the impression that ALL addicts should have the same success. Despite the known ineffectiveness of such treatments, addicts who relapse are treated as ‘failures’ by physicians, AODA counselors, the courts, society in general.. and other addicts.

The laws regulating the use of opiates for treatment of addiction were changed by an act of Congress called DATA 2000, and in 2003 a chemical called buprenorphine was approved by the FDA for treatment of opiate dependence by specially-certified physicians. Buprenorphine is marketed and sold under the trade names Suboxone and Subutex, and became a generic medication in late 2009.

When used CORRECTLY, buprenorphine is a breakthrough in the treatment of opiate dependence. At last, the fatal disease has a treatment with potential to put addiction into remission indefinitely. Because of a less-than-perfect launch of this new treatment, a great deal of confusion exists over the proper use of the medication. Limits on patient numbers per physician result in treatment shortages in some parts of the country. The high cost of the medication has reduced acceptance of the treatment— even though the cost of active addiction is many times greater for the addict and society. Finally, the use of ‘Suboxone’ has been tarnished by diversion, street use of the medication, and even a number of deaths from combining the medication with other respiratory depressants by people without significant tolerance for opiates.

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